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KIMYA - ABS-ESD - 500g (x5 spools)
  • The Kimya ABS-ESD 3D filament belongs to the family of styrenic polymers. ABS-ESD is an Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene with an added additive to make it Electro Static Discharge: this material protects against electrostatic discharges. Additionally, it has good impact resistance. It is a lightweight, rigid, and easy-to-print material. It is ideal for applications that require protection against electrostatic discharges. Unlike the carbon black additives commonly used by our competitors, Kimya ABS-ESD uses a specific additive to give the filament the following characteristics:

    • Colorability,
    • Non-conductive,
    • Easy to print without nozzle clogging,
    • Protects against electrostatic discharges,
    • Lighter parts,
    • Compliant with REACH regulations and RoHS directive.


    ARMOR offers a 2-year warranty. Store the ABS filament away from light, moisture, and heat to preserve its properties.


    Diameter: 1.75 mm

    Sold in packs of 5 spools

    KIMYA - ABS-ESD - 500g (x5 spools)

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