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KIMYA - PETG-R - 750g (x5 spools)
  • The Kimya PETG-R 3D filament ("-R for recycled") is formulated using materials from industrial waste of a company specializing in luxury and medical packaging products. Recycled and equally efficient, it has technical characteristics comparable to our PETG-S filament ("-S for standard").

    The recycled Kimya PETG-R 3D filament has the following features:

    • Contains at least 95% post-industrial recycled materials for the non-translucent colored version (100% for the translucent natural version)*,
    • Mechanical properties close to PETG-S,
    • Odorless,
    • Easy to print,
    • 100% French recycled material.


    *Note: Slight color variations may exist between production batches due to the use of recycled material. This does not impact the technical properties of the product, which are systematically verified by our quality team!


    KIMYA 2-year warranty. Store the PETG filament away from light, moisture, and heat to preserve its properties.


    Diameter: 1.75 mm

    Sold in packs of 5 spools

    KIMYA - PETG-R - 750g (x5 spools)

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