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Tray cleaner
  • The tray cleaner is an aqueous formulation specifically designed for 3D printer trays. It cleans and degreases, helping to remove plastic residues, lacquers, varnishes, adhesives, and glue residues. 

    Non-corrosive, the tray cleaner does not deteriorate or alter the treated surface. It is compatible with all 3D printer materials (glass, resin, composites, aluminum, or metals). 

    The tray cleaner is also an excellent degreasing agent for printed parts before painting, smoothing, or after sanding. The solution evaporates quickly. 

    The tray cleaner is REACH/CLP 2015 certified.

    Tray cleaner

    Excluding Sales Tax
      • Spray directly onto the surface to be cleaned, wipe with a soft cloth or absorbent paper. 
      • Repeat if necessary. Do not rinse, the product evaporates quickly upon wiping. 
      • Do not use on a heated tray.
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