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Since the start of the year, Cosmyx has enjoyed a particularly dynamic period, brimming with opportunities and significant events. Technological innovations, strategic partnerships, the development of solid relationships with leading industrial players, collective successes...

We are delighted to share with you the highlights of the last 6 months !


JULY 2023

Great Exhibition of Made in France

At the Élysée Palace

The Cosmyx team was selected from over 2,500 applicants to take part in the Grande Exposition du Fabriqué en France, held at the Élysée Palace on 1 and 2 July.

Initiated by the French President, this annual exhibition highlights companies, craftsmen, producers and manufacturers who are fully committed to French manufacturing. This year's show highlighted the importance of environmentally-friendly, socially innovative production that benefits local economic development.

Cosmyx, the only company representing industrial additive manufacturing, demonstrated the excellence of French manufacturing.

It was a valuable opportunity to showcase our MIRA 3D microfactory and our determination to make an active contribution to our country's industrial renaissance.

It was an unforgettable event for the whole team !

A single project for the Presidency of the Republic

Charlemagne's chessboard

Following our acclaimed participation in the Grande Exposition du Fabriqué en France, the French Presidency chose us to design 16 3D chess pieces representing Charlemagne's chessboard.

Particularly admired for their large dimensions, these chess pieces were offered as a diplomatic gift by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, to the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modī, on the occasion of Bastille Day on 14 July.

Produced using our MIRA 3D microfactory, these pieces were printed in bronze-filled material, giving an authentic rendering.

Our team deployed all its know-how to bring these unique pieces to life, highlighting its ability to carry out the most ambitious 3D printing projects !

This famous chessboard, dating from the late 11th century, is currently housed in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris. Although it is not identical to the Indian chess set, it illustrates the importance of cultural exchanges between India and Europe in the Middle Ages. Today, Charlemagne's chessboard is a historical treasure that bears witness to the fascination that people have had with games of strategy for centuries.


JUNE 2023

Demonstration at the AM Village

Organised by the European Defence Agency

From 12 to 16 June, Cosmyx represented the French industry at AM Village 2023, a major event organised by the European Defence Agency. Over 5 days, this major event in the Netherlands brought together around ten nations to promote the use of additive manufacturing in the European armed forces, particularly for rapid repairs during operations.


We presented our NOVA autonomous (battery-powered) 3D printer during a demonstration in collaboration with our French partners Nexter, Viaccess Orca, DistriFab and the Fusco Lab. Thanks to our solution, armed forces can keep their equipment operational in all circumstances, guaranteeing greater responsiveness and availability in the field.

This first European military workshop opened up new horizons for additive manufacturing and Cosmyx, speeding up progress towards interoperability between the European armed forces.

We hope to return next year !


MAY 2023

3D printing in supermarkets

SIMONE lampshades at Leroy Merlin

Our expertise in 3D printing has enabled us to realise an ambitious project : to develop and market 3D printed products on a large scale in France !

Available in 3 different sizes, the SIMONE lampshades on sale at Leroy Merlin are the fruit of a fruitful collaboration with 3D designers Le Club Sandwich Studio and Cornichon Studio.

A large number of these elegant lampshades have been manufactured on our premises using our MIRA automated microfactory.


Cosmyx is once again proving that 3D printing can have a significant impact on mass production and is opening doors to the industry of the future.

This project perfectly embodies the notion of distributed manufacturing, an alternative production model that our team actively promotes on a daily basis. The creation of an international network of designers whose products are manufactured locally, close to their buyers, is becoming a reality.


APRIL 2023

3D cockerel for the 10th anniversary of French Tech

For the Minister for Digital Transition

Our French know-how and expertise in additive manufacturing has attracted the interest of the highest levels of government. Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister for the Digital Transition and Telecommunications, asked us last April to deliver and install a 1.80 m 3D-printed cockerel in his office at Bercy.

Made from 100% bio-sourced materials using our NOVA printer, this red rooster symbolises the 10th anniversary of La French Tech, which has succeeded in creating an effective ecosystem to encourage and support the creation and growth of start-ups.


Membership of two new organisations

Nextmove and Polyvia

Cosmyx has joined two new organisations that bring together and support manufacturers in their projects. These memberships demonstrate our daily commitment to providing a solution that is always relevant and as close as possible to the needs of manufacturers



A French competitiveness cluster promoting a European area of excellence where solutions to the mobility challenges of the future are developed and industrialised. Bringing together the main innovators in mobility, it forges and coordinates links between companies and supports them in setting up and financing their accredited projects.


POLYVIA : An organisation representing plastics and composites manufacturers throughout France. It is building a representative sector of polymer converters and is involved in major economic and technical issues such as the circular economy, digital transformation and ecology.


MARCH 2023

Innovation at Global Industrie

The MIRA microfactory

Cosmyx's ambition is to become the French and European leader in mass production using 3D printing. And it's doing so by focusing on innovation, thanks in particular to our new connected and secure MIRA 3D microfactory, launched at the Global Industrie 2023 trade show in Lyon.

In partnership with Fanuc, the world's leading manufacturer of industrial robots, and Dassault Systèmes, a software publisher specialising in 3D design, we have created an event by presenting FDM additive manufacturing from the angle of automated production.

The demonstration covered the entire production chain:

✔ Printing of parts by the MIRA microfactory.

✔ Collaborative modelling of parts via Dassault Systèmes' 3DExperience platform.

✔ Automation of part inspection and packaging using the Fanuc collaborative robot.

In-store 3D printing service

Weldom Rennes La Visitation

Like the Dol de Bretagne shop, where Cosmyx has been present since March 2022, the Weldom Rennes La Visitation store, due to open in September 2023, will feature a 3D printing service to help increase the reparability index.


Shop customers will be able to bring their creations to life, repairing their devices by replacing faulty parts using our 3D printers.

Meeting with the Essonne sub-prefect

Discussing the France 2030 plan

We welcomed Narandra Jussien, sub-prefect of Essonne and France 2030 referent, accompanied by Henri Demonceaux from MEDEF Essonne.

Meeting with the Essonne sub-prefect

We had the opportunity to discuss the France 2030 plan, which aims to accelerate the ecological, industrial and social transformation of our country. Cosmyx is part of this drive to contribute to the recovery of the French economy, the reconquest of industry and the strengthening of skills and qualifications throughout the country.



3D production of medals

For the Hackathon winners

We were asked by the Direction Générale des Infrastructures, des Transports et des Mobilités to create 3D medals for the winners of the Hackathon "Transport ticket of the future": First day of the rest of your life.

3D production of medals for the Hackaton

The prizes and medals were presented by Clément Beaune, Minister Delegate for Transport, at the closing ceremony of the Innovation Agency forum.

Our values are perfectly aligned with those of the Hackathon, which aims to encourage experimentation and the implementation of concrete projects that meet the mobility needs of our fellow citizens. This innovation competition mobilises collective intelligence to imagine, design and implement innovative solutions.


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