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The 91 d'Or du Medef Essonne is an annual award ceremony for Essonne companies. During the ceremony, trophies are presented to the winners by elected officials and local partners. This year, COSMYX was honored with the "Innovative Startup of the Year" award for its global project and professional 3D printer.

Cosmyx wins "innovative startup of the year" award at Medef's 91 d'Or event

A vision rewarded

It's a great achievement for the entire Cosmyx team ! After many months of brainstorming to create a model linking 3D printing and distributed manufacturing for a better (add an "e") Industry 4.0, our efforts have been recognized. Invited to speak at the 91 d'Or ceremony, Anthony SEDDIKI, President of Cosmyx, spoke about the overall project.

Cosmyx is a designer and creator of professional French 3D printers designed for distributed manufacturing, but it is also part of a social and solidarity economy model and a desire to offer solutions for a better transition to industry 4.0.

Distributed manufacturing and repeatability

"[NOVA] was born out of containment and what we could see of the crisis. We were one of the few to continue operating, thanks in particular to 3D printing. That's what drove us to develop this business model, and distributed manufacturing in particular. Beyond the machine (the NOVA) it's a whole production concept that's been rethought thanks to 3D printing to produce on a territorial scale and guarantee repeatability to maintain and optimize resilience."

The evening's moderator then tried to sum up what had been said : "the strongest way out of this difficult period (editor's note: the COVID-19 pandemic) is resilience !".

Anthony SEDDIKI then clarifies :

"It's even more than that. It was really born out of this difficult period! Above all, it's the men and women who support us on a daily basis who have made this project possible. All I did was give the direction, but the people who produced everything and made it possible are the 11 employees and many volunteers of the Visière Solidaire association who work to bring this project to life. I thank them, truly, today."

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