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COSMYX, designer and creator of professional French 3D printers, made official the sale of 40 3D printers to leading plastics manufacturer Microplast on September 15 during the French Fab Apéro at COSMYX.

COSMYX is a designer and creator of professional French 3D printers, committed to expanding the use of additive manufacturing in industry, and to implementing distributed manufacturing. The resilient, job-creating, low-impact production system that is distributed manufacturing has always been at the heart of the specifications for COSMYX's professional French 3D printers. The NOVA and SUPER NOVA's connectivity and proprietary operating system have been designed for ease of use and optimized productivity.

MICROPLAST-ECOM, a leading plastics manufacturer, has chosen COSMYX professional 3D printers to set up a production park at its plants. A total of 40 3D printers will be installed on the plastics manufacturer's sites. Training and production support will be provided, as well as a maintenance contract.

MICROPLAST-ECOM is a major player in the plastics processing industry, and is even considered the reference plastics manufacturer for many innovative industrial leaders. These are internationally recognized players in high-tech sectors such as the electrical, automotive, construction, medical and food industries.

Like COSMYX, MICROPLAST-ECOM offers innovative, tailor-made solutions. That's why they chose 3D printing and the NOVA 3D printers, which are an integral part of Industry 4.0.

"We've had a Nova for 6 months. It's constantly in production. We need it to print gripper hands for removing parts from the mold, which are cheaper and lighter than their aluminum equivalents. We have also won several contracts to manufacture smartphone shells. We use additive manufacturing to produce fixtures for engraving these shells. Some of our customers also ask us to produce very small series, which 3D printing lends itself perfectly to."
David ANGER, President of Microplast-Ecom

"Our printers are true production tools, guaranteeing very high repeatability. It's a pleasure for us to equip a company like Microplast, a major player in the industrial plastics sector. 3D printing is becoming increasingly recognized, and we're delighted that COSMYX is a player that is making its mark on the industrial market."

It's a source of pride for both our entities to be putting a new brick in the industrial development of distributed manufacturing and the deployment of 3D printing for a more responsible and resilient re-industrialization.

Like MICROPLAST, why not call on us to bring you into Industry 4.0 with professional French 3D printers designed for industrialists by writing to us here


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