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It's been a busy few weeks for COSMYX and its professional 3D printer, as the NOVA was presented alongside CAPIFIL at 3D Print in Paris. It was an opportunity for us to meet you and tell you more about our 3D printer, designed and conceived for distributed manufacturing, but also to prepare for the future. The event also gave us the opportunity to tease out a future new product.

What is 3D Print ?

3D Print is the benchmark trade show for additive manufacturing. Usually based in Lyon, 3D Print breathes new life into the additive manufacturing industry, and is bringing its event to Paris for the first time. For the duration of the event, this trade show and conference welcomes industry professionals looking for professional 3D printers.

New products and world records

The trade show was an opportunity for many companies to launch new products. Capifil, for example, took the opportunity to present its new Homecompost-3D filament, co-developed with COSMYX. Visitors were able to appreciate the quality of the objects printed in Homecompost-3D on the NOVA, and leave with small samples of the various 3D filaments in Capifil's range. 3D Print Paris was also the scene of a world record. The North Maker association set itself the challenge of bringing back to France the record for the longest 3D-printed toy train. The North Maker teams succeeded in running a train made up of 60 3D-printed cars, beating the previous record of 55 wagons.

NOVA on show alongside Homecompost-3D

For its first participation in the 3D Print trade show, COSMYX was present with Pâtisserie Numérique on the stand of its partner Capifil . This first Parisian edition was an opportunity not only to present the Homecompost-3D, but also to showcase the performance of the NOVA professional 3D printer from France. Visitors were able to see the new homecompostable material being printed during the show, and appreciate the mechanical and electronic choices we made to build the NOVA.

"It was a great experience, and we were able to meet a number of players already present on the 3D printing market, as well as future customers attracted by our NOVA."

Anthony SEDDIKI, COSMYX's President

The NOVA appeals to all those present at 3D Print

Attracted by the overall appearance of the professional French 3D printer, visitors were above all impressed by the quality of the components chosen. In particular, the linear rails, the H-Bot, which enables high-speed printing thanks to its steel frame, the automatic platen levelling, the direct drive, the proprietary OS... All the choices were validated and gave rise to many questions.

In fact, the NOVA featured prominently in 3D Natives' article on the event, ranking it as the top French 3D printer at the show.

"We've had a very good reception and very good feedback in relation to the NOVA and the technical choices we've made."

Anthony SEDDIKI, COSMYX's President

A recurring customer request

In the midst of all the questions about our professional French 3D printer, visitors also asked us about something completely different from the NOVA. Convinced by the technical, mechanical and electronic choices we've made, we were asked if a larger volume machine was in the pipeline. Our president answers this question without hesitation :

"It's something we're working on, so that as soon as possible, in 2022, we can add a large-volume professional French 3D printer to our catalog. Like our NOVA, this new 3D printer will be part of our drive to develop distributed manufacturing through additive manufacturing."

To be continued...

In the meantime, don't hesitate to get your hands on the NOVA now, and order your 3D filaments to fully enter production 4.0.


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