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Just one year after the launch of the NOVA, we are delighted to expand our range and value proposition for industrial and professional users with the SUPER NOVA.

The SUPER NOVA builds on the mechanical and technological development work carried out for the NOVA. The launch of this large-scale professional 3D printer responds to the requirements you have expressed to us during our meetings in the field. Whatever the event, everyone was impressed by the technology and mechanics of our first French NOVA professional 3D printer, but asked for more, demanded a larger print volume. "I love your machine, but do you have a bigger one ?".

Just one year after the launch of the NOVA, we're expanding our range and value proposition with a second professional 3D printer. Taking on the mechanical and technological strengths of the NOVA, the SUPER NOVA is still focused on production, repeatability, ultra-connectivity, intuitiveness, distributed manufacturing and Industry 4.0, with still over 80% of its components coming from Europe.

NEW : The second print head

In addition to requests for a higher-volume French professional 3D printer, there was also strong demand for the integration of a second print head on our 3D printers. The SUPER NOVA now offers the option of integrating a second print head for bi-material production.

An ultra-connected tool for the industry of the future

Just like the NOVA, you can control the SUPER NOVA remotely thanks to its connectivity. From a computer, smartphone or tablet, you can start, monitor and pause production wherever you are. The connectivity of the NOVA and SUPER NOVA makes them ideal production tools, enabling you to create real production fleets of French professional 3D printers.

Always touch and print

Like its big sister, the NOVA, the SUPER NOVA features a comfortable 7-inch color control screen. The screen's resolution (800x480 px) coupled with its response time (10 milliseconds) make it a powerful and comfortable ally for controlling your new large-scale French 3D printer. Connected to an on-board computer and SSD hard drive, this professional 3D printer will put you 3 clicks away from your first print. Comfort, intuitiveness and technology at the service of your productivity.

Precision with multiplied print volume

Adopting the mechanical qualities of the NOVA, the SUPER NOVA features an H-BOT for fast, accurate 3D printing. Maintenance costs are reduced thanks to a single, reinforced brushed steel belt. Featuring HIWIN's ground steel linear rails and SKF ball bearings, this professional French 3D printer builds on the mechanical strengths of the NOVA. With a print volume of 54,000 cm3, the SUPER NOVA more than triples the NOVA's print volume of 16,200 cm3. The print volume of this large French professional 3D printer will enable you to produce on a large scale.

SUPER NOVA versus NOVA volume comparison

Optimized productivity and maintenance

On the strength of the year that has just passed with the launch of the NOVA and the various feedbacks received from customers, the SUPER NOVA follows in its footsteps by improving the features of this professional French 3D printer. The SUPER NOVA is still designed for 3x8 operation, with print quality unchanged whatever the number of prints. Automatic non-contact platen levelling ensures a perfect first layer. The optical end-of-filament sensor ensures minimal material loss. As with the NOVA, the SUPER NOVA incorporates LEDs and color coding to make each step clear at a glance.

Robustness and print quality

The SUPER NOVA's HIWIN ground stainless steel pads and linear rails, and SKF ball bearings ensure precision production even at high speeds. The epoxy-painted steel frame is designed to resist rust and elastic deformation. It frames the precision mechanics to guarantee the longevity of your large-scale professional 3D printer.

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