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After years of work, 3D Natives is now THE reference in 3D printing. Discover the test of our professional 3D printer : the Nova.

After years of hard work, 3D Natives is now THE reference medium for 3D printing. The website, which has been translated into several languages, is now widely read and visited by additive manufacturing enthusiasts and professionals alike. Week after week, their teams test materials, accessories and the latest 3D printers to hit the market.

Print quality and repeatability

After several weeks of testing, we were delighted to discover that the Nova achieved an overall score of 8.9/10. The 3D Natives tester particularly appreciated the repeatability and print quality of our professional 3D printer. This last point, on which the Nova scored 9.5/10 (the best of all the FDM 3D printers on the site), is the pride of the entire team, who are already thinking about improvements to achieve a perfect 10/10 score.

The Nova's test scores :

Contents of the 3D printer 9/10 - Software 8.5/10 - Print quality 9.5/10 - Handling 8.5/10

Here's the full video of our professional 3D printer test :

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