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CAPIFIL - ABS - 800g (x2 spools)
  • Shock-resistant, the ABS 3D printer filament is particularly suitable for professional prototyping and the production of functional parts, including screws, gears, or any other mechanical part subjected to high stresses.

    • Mechanical strength and rigidity,
    • Good impact resistance,
    • Excellent surface quality and gloss.


    Made in France.


    Diameter: 1.75 mm

    Sold in a pack of 2 spools

    CAPIFIL - ABS - 800g (x2 spools)

    Excluding Sales Tax
      • Mechanical strength and rigidity, along with resistance to heat deformation: ABS 3D filament is particularly suitable for prototyping,
      • Good impact resistance,
      • Visual quality: beautiful surface finish and shine,
      • Easy to post-process and color,
      • Sensitive to UV.
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