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CAPIFIL - PETG - 1kg (x2 spools)
  • The PETG 3D filament approaches the strength of ABS but is easier to print than the latter. It is commonly used for manufacturing plastic bottles found in commerce, distinguishing itself with its rigidity and transparency. The PETG 3D printer filament also exhibits good flexibility along with excellent impact resistance.

    • Transparency,
    • Good rigidity and impact resistance,
    • High-quality surface and gloss.


    French manufacturing by CAPIFIL.


    Diameter: 1.75 mm

    Sold in packs of 2 spools

    CAPIFIL - PETG - 1kg (x2 spools)

    Excluding Sales Tax
      • PETG is a material that combines the properties of PET and glycol to make it more flexible,
      • Good material rigidity, providing excellent impact resistance,
      • Good mechanical strength,
      • 100% recyclable material, FDA certified for food contact,
      • Transparent appearance with a beautiful surface quality and gloss,
      • Easy-to-print filament despite the need for a heated bed to prevent warping,
      • Can be glued as a post-processing step.
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