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CAPIFIL - PETG GLISS' - 750g (x4 spools)

The PETG GLISS' 3D filament is designed with excellent sliding and wear resistance properties. This filament is suitable for the production of mechanical parts or functional prototypes subjected to friction or requiring sliding.

  • Low coefficient of friction,
  • Slides with minimal friction and wear.

Made in France by Capifil.


Diameter: 1.75 mm

Sold in packs of 4 spools

CAPIFIL - PETG GLISS' - 750g (x4 spools)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • This filament has a low coefficient of friction, equivalent to the plastic POM, and 5 times lower than standard PETG (according to standardized testing conducted in a laboratory).

    • Smooth surface,
    • Wear resistance,
    • Good rigidity,
    • Easy to print compared to POM filament,
    • Impact resistance,
    • In its natural state, it has a beautiful white appearance.
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