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CAPIFIL - POM - 1kg (x4 spools)
  • Resistant to friction, the POM 3D filament allows for the printing of highly precise and strong objects. It has the advantage of achieving results that come even closer to plastic injection, making it suitable for prototypes for functional, mechanical, and aesthetic validation. It is intended for experienced 3D printing users.

    Key Features:

    • Excellent resistance to friction,
    • Low coefficient of friction,
    • Rigidity.


    Manufactured in France by CAPIFIL.


    Diameter: 1.75 mm

    Sold in packs of 4 spools

    CAPIFIL - POM - 1kg (x4 spools)

    Excluding Sales Tax
      • Excellent resistance to friction due to its low coefficient of friction,
      • Good rigidity and impact resistance,
      • Outstanding sliding and wear resistance properties, Good mechanical and flexural properties,
      • Excellent resistance to moisture and many chemicals,
      • Creep resistance,
      • Gas and solvent tightness,
      • Good dimensional stability,
      • Temperature range of use from -40° to +150°,
      • Good electrical insulation characteristics,
      • Sensitive to UV,
      • Warping.
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