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Abonnez-vous à notre liste de diffusion


COSMYX 3D is proud to join the other made-in-France companies united under the French Fab banner. Launched in 2017 by Bruno Lemaire, Minister of the Economy, Finance and Recovery, this community is the banner of French industry, and we intend to be part of it !

Beyond words, it's the ideas that take precedence, a vision of tomorrow's world and Industry 4.0, that led us to join this label.

The French Fab embodies companies, economic players, institutions and industrial sites located in France, who recognize themselves in the desire to develop industry.

More than just anchoring our identity in Made in France, we felt it was important to take part in the country's re-industrialization. Our world is on the move, everything is moving too fast, and the health context has only served to underline this. New trades are being created every day, and we know that French 3D printing, and more broadly, European 3D printing, will have a role to play.

Our SAS, VS Projets, holder of the COSMYX 3D brand, is part of a dynamic of industrial development in the Essonne region, with the development and manufacture of 3D printers.

Our company is also preparing to roll out a range of services covering the entire 3D printing value chain. We already offer a range of French 3D filaments to supply 3D printers with our partner Capifil, a specialist in extrusion materials and objects for 25 years.

The French government and French Fab are making a significant contribution to giving us the means to make industrial revitalization a reality in our territory. As an SME, in a #startup spirit and in all humility, we wish to deploy all our energy to participate in this economic boom and help pull our country out of the current health and economic crisis. We also belong to the Tech In Fab network, which connects all the players in the French Fab network, to, as far as we're concerned, help us contribute to developing the 3D printing industrial sector.

"I am what I am thanks to what we all are".


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