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We are proud to present the Cosmyx Nova, our first professional 3D printer. Its functionalities will enable you to organize an optimized workflow, save your teams time and therefore money. Above all, the Nova will enable you to produce the useful and creative objects you need.

Designed and manufactured in France, at Epinay-sous-Sénart in the Essonne region, the Cosmyx Nova is the fruit of 8 months of research and development by Cosmyx teams, based on over a year's experience by the Visière Solidaire makers' collective. The idea came about while making protective visors during the first containment. In the spring of 2020, several team members were working on automating the additive production of spray-proof visors on a machine park of over 60 3D printers. The aim was to increase production, given the urgent needs of healthcare personnel at the time. Given the difficulties encountered, particularly in terms of repeatability, it was decided to create a high-performance French 3D printer to our exacting standards, designed and optimized for distributed manufacturing.

November 2020.VS Projects is created with this in mind. At the top of the specifications: the ability of a 3D printer to combine efficiency and high output, even with a large print volume; features that make 3D manufacturing easier for all types of user (industrial, craftsman, maker, teacher, healthcare personnel). And last but not least, competitive pricing. In short, our Nova professional French 3D printer has been designed to optimize your additive manufacturing and distributed manufacturing experience.

Touch and print

The Cosmyx Nova features a comfortable 7-inch control screen, 17.78 centimeters diagonal. Its resolution is 800 by 480 pixels to guarantee precise viewing, and a 60 FPS (frame per second) display. Connected to a Raspberry and an SSD hard disk, its response time is less than 10 milliseconds. With touch and print, you're always two clicks away from your next 3D print, thanks to computer-equivalent power.

3D printing precision and volume

We have equipped the first French Cosmyx Nova 3D printer with an H-Bot for fast, accurate 3D printing. Thanks to a single fiberglass belt, maintenance costs are greatly reduced, and platen movements minimized. With a volume of 16,200 m3, the Cosmyx Nova has the largest printing volume in its class.

Productivity and maintenance

Following a year's experience with thousands of makers and 8 months of R&D, the Cosmyx Nova has been designed for 3x8 operation, with no loss of quality. Table height adjustment is calculated by automatic levelling on nine points.

To further facilitate maintenance, already reduced to a minimum, the extruder is designed to allow easy access to the heating element by removing a single screw.

A color for every stage

In the blink of an eye, the LED backlighting system shows you where your Nova stands thanks to its luminous color codes :

Purple: Nova is powered up

Blue : the platen is warming up

Orange : Nova is ready to print

Red : an error has occurred

Green : printing complete

Robustness and print quality

Even at high speeds (up to 250 mm/s), the Nova's Hiwin ground stainless steel runners and linear rails ensure production precision. The 3 mm thick, epoxy-painted steel frame is designed to resist rust and elastic deformation. It frames the precision mechanics to guarantee the longevity of your 3D printer.

The rigor that has guided our teams towards the technological choices, mechanical and electronic finalizations, have earned us membership of the French Fab, the French Tech Paris-Saclay and Tech in Fab.

VS Projects is also a member of France Additive.

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