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Distributed manufacturing is a new vision of production made possible by the deployment of the Internet. This production model aims to transform our modes of production and consumption, making them more ecological, more responsible and more resilient. This system represents a major challenge for Industry 4.0.

Distributed manufacturing is a new vision of production born in 2015 from a brainstorm by Pierre-Alexis Ciavaldini and first written about in 2017.

In July 2020, Anthony Seddiki, future founder and president of COSMYX, and Pierre-Alexis Ciavaldini, CEO of MakerNet, which would become Distrifab, got together around the idea of developing distributed manufacturing. This mode of production became necessary during the first wave of COVID19 and provided a response to the destabilization of our production system during this pandemic.

Since then, this resilient, job-creating and environmentally-friendly production system - distributed manufacturing - has always been at the heart of the specifications for COSMYX's professional French 3D printers. The connectivity of the NOVA and SUPER NOVA, coupled with the custom-developed CosmOS operating system, have been designed to enable optimal integration of the first distributed manufacturing label : Distrifab Inside.

Distrifab Inside standardizes distributed manufacturing to facilitate its development on a national and international scale. This mode of production is a new model that enables our economy and our consumption patterns to be more responsible, more respectful of the environment and more resilient.

The direct integration of the Distrifab standard into COSMYX production tools enables additive manufacturing to enter a new era: that of Industry 4.0. This new development once again highlights French know-how, guaranteeing complete security of manufacturing processes and perfect traceability of production.

"The singular dynamic of distributed manufacturing is based on the wide variety of its players, ranging from citizens equipped with 3D printers, to specialized territorial players via VSEs and SMEs. This mode of production enables the finished product to be manufactured as close as possible to the end customer, thus reducing environmental impact and logistics costs."

Anthony SEDDIKI, President of COSMYX

"With Distrifab, the consumer chooses his product from the list of proposed designs and issues a call for tenders to referenced local manufacturers. Each manufacturing route includes prices for materials, transport, manufacturing and the chain of intellectual property rights."

Pierre-Alexis Ciavaldini, Distrifab's founder

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