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3D printing is a fast, agile technology for all your projects. Since COSMYX was founded, companies from a wide range of sectors have chosen to use our 3D printing service. After discussion of your specifications, production is launched on our production fleet, comprising NOVA and SUPER NOVA, our professional French 3D printers. Here are just a few examples of what we can do for you.

3D printing for learning artificial intelligence

Learning Robots has developed a robot packed with new technologies : the AlphAI. Infrared sensor, wide-angle camera, on-board computer, wheels and LEDs, all designed to help youngsters learn about artificial intelligence. Indeed, as these little robots move around their modular arena, they memorize obstacles and take them into account.

All this technology had to be protected in a casing that was pleasant to the touch, aesthetically pleasing and, above all, easy to dismantle. The AlphAI teams quickly opted for 3D printing, and called on COSMYX to produce the robots' external structure. In all, 6 elements are printed on French NOVA professional 3D printers in 8 colors and 3 different materials (PLA, PETG and TPU).

3D printing for art and emotional expression

A workshop created by design agency Bold Design for the Centre Pompidou invites children and their parents to create masks that mirror their emotions. Using a variety of tools and materials, families will have fun customizing their masks. The frame of the mask-face to be created is a 3D-printed solid. Produced on our professional French NOVA 3D printers, it is made with precision in small series. The printing speed of our French 3D printers and the agility of 3D printing enable us to react quickly and produce series quickly.

3D printing for events

After taking part in various French Tech Paris-Saclay events, the community teams ordered a 3D-printed rooster with human dimensions. After several hours of production on our professional French 3D printers and post-processing, the red rooster was ready for delivery. Given the dimensions requested, the rooster had to be dismountable and have the best possible finish to showcase the movement that is French Tech. This is just one of the many examples of what 3D printing can do for you and your visibility at events.

3D printing for a good cause

To mark Movember, the town of Épinay-sous-Sénart made a special request of the COSMYX teams. More than a 3D printing service, it was a challenge to the teams and the NOVA professional French 3D printers : to print a 2-meter-long moustache for the façade of the town hall. COSMYX successfully met this challenge for a good cause, as the town hall of the Essonne town was able to go into Movember mode for the whole month of November.

3D printing to develop your image

Because visibility and communication are paramount today, we produce communication tools that reflect your image. Our production tools and know-how enable us to produce fully customizable illuminated signs. Typography, logo, pictograms, everything is possible to make your business more visible and, above all, to respect the identity you've created. To give your customers and future customers an even greater impression, complete your communication/marketing package with our 3D goodies, always customizable: smartphone or tablet holder, pin, giant QR code, pen holder...


Why use 3D printing to develop your business ?

  • Reliability: the precision of our professional French 3D printers and our choice of quality filaments guarantee objects that add value to your business.

  • Cost: from an image or an object, we can create its 3D model, then reproduce it in additive manufacturing on our professional French 3D printers.

  • Speed : 3D printing enables relatively short lead times from the moment we receive your specifications.

  • Choice of materials: we can advise you on the right choice of material : plastic, wood fiber, copper, biodegradable filament...

Our fleet of professional French 3D printers means we can process your additive manufacturing order quickly.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any prototyping or 3D printing request.

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